“And Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, hitherto hath the LORD helped us.”

For every mile DPTC has walked, God has in his own PROVIDENCE caused us to set stones of remembrance along the way. Last December, on the 2nd, we made another mile. As we opened the gates of Chemichemi Tented Camp for all invited to come see God’s faithfulness. On this day, the class of 2016 would come to the close of their two years at DPTC. The graduation would become the stone of remembrance. For the DPTC family, this was the fourth graduation. This class was the fourth born.

DR. Mike Long speaking to the alumni

The day had been preceded by two days of alumni conference. As many graduates of DPTC as could make it to the camp assembled to be re-united with other graduates and serve the graduating class. The conference’s aim was the strengthening of the call to servanthood in Christ. Drawn from 1Corinthians 4:1-2, the keynote speaker, Rev. DR Mike Long, the senior pastor at Roswell United Methodist Church spoke to the alumni. Some of   the topics he discussed were “Marks of a faithful servant of Christ, faithful servanthood to Christ in a changing world,” and a time to ask ministry related questions. God has been faithful to us, and with the class of 2016, we have trained ninety eight pastors from across Kenya.

Sharing of the lord’s table

On the night before graduation, the class was commissioned, in a service with Rev. Justus Mugambi leading the service, and serving the Holy Communion. In the service, the graduands are handed towels as a symbol of washing their feet. The challenge is for them to go out and become or continue being servants to their churches and communities, but most of all, to be servants for Christ. They are commissioned to service in their communities and homes. “To him that much is given, much is expected” as the Bible says.

The candle lighting service

There is also candle lighting in the service, as a call to go out and light up the world with the gospel of salvation. The gospel of Christ and only it will dispel the current darkness, both in the heart and in the world. The candle lighting was led by DR. Mike Long, who lit the candles of Beth and Sally, who in-turn lit the candles of the board members and the light spread to the whole congregation.


On December 2nd we all gathered at the graduation grounds to witness and graduate the class of 2016. The  ceremony began with Sally Gresham constituting the DPTC congregation for the purpose of the graduation. The speaker at the graduation was Rev. DR. Mike Long. “The graduation is always a difficult moment for me. After being with a class for two years, one is finally getting to really know them and getting attached. There is a bond that grows and it is hard to let them go. But God reminds me that if another pastor is to be trained, then I have to let the class go” says the school Director.

The diplomas were awarded and thereafter three students were awarded prizes by DR. Mike Long. The award is given to three students from the class. These are the students who never missed a class, demonstrated the greatest transformation through the school time, and demonstrated a heart of service without being pushed. In the class of 2016, these students were Kennedy Ouko, Catherine Maake and Daniel Mwangi who also was the class president.  The congregation was dissolved and the newly graduated class took a group photo. They later joined their families and they celebrated the victory.

see some graduation photos

The Executive Director addressing the congregation



Beth Cayce addressing the graduation congregation

Rev. Dr. Mike Long speaking on the graduation day

The procession to the graduation square.

Rev. Justus sharing on the eve of the graduation.

Elissa Ewald and Taylor Long sing on the graduation day.

The Alumni, the board and faculty and staff of Divine Providence Training Center


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