Divine Providence Training Center has 72 alumni located throughout Kenya from Kisumu in western Kenya to Maua in Meru county, to Maralal in Samburu county to Lamu in Kenyan coast. They have churches there and God is reaching and transforming communities through them.

Our Alumni participate in school activities such as graduation ceremonies. They receive opportunities for follow-up training like the True Identity message which has now trained more than 70% of our alumni. In July 2015, some of the alumni got the chance to go through instructor certification course of the TI.

Divine Providence is building a library of video training which will be available to Alumni and their congregations to help them continue to grow and provide a frame of reference for some of the issues they face. This will also act as a guide to their teaching of their congregations. It will also be a chance to provide them with further training and refresher courses without having them come to the campus.

We have the desire to follow-up the alumni to know how our training is helping them and to see how we can help them more. Their testimonies and work among their communities is a great encouragement to us. As director Paul says, “My visit to the alumni was a great eye opener. I came back encouraged and motivated to do more. When you meet them out there and hear of the transformation that has come to them through DPTC, you couldn’t ask for anything more but train many more.”

Maintaining connection with our alumni allows us to help them build beneficial connections among themselves. One of the alumni, Gerishon, welcomed Bonface Kiama when he was starting a church near Gerishon’s church. When every other pastor in the community was against Kiama, Gerishon helped him and later introduced him to DPTC, where he is going through training now with the class of 2016. Later in June 2015, Bonface lost his wife and it was Gerishon who became the chairman of the committee planning for the burial. It was amazing and challenging to see the members of the class of 2016 support their brother together with other alumni. This gave us a desire to see more alumni connect and be of help to each other. They passed the test when the rubber met the road.

With their different gifting they can build a great manpower that will make ministry easier and encouraging when there are people around helping and supporting one another.

We also keep in contact with the alumni because we believe they are a resource to the school. Our success goes only as far as their lives and communities have been transformed by our training. In future, they will be the supporters of DPTC. The alumni are a great pool of strength that the school needs.