Who pastors the pastor? It is common sense that unless we refill a cup, it will run out soon enough, and there will be nothing left to drink. In the same way, a pastor who is not fed, or in other words, the pastor who is not pastored, will very soon grow stale for the congregation.

Praise and Worship on New Land

The pastor plays a key role, a central role in the life of the community around him. He is expected to counsel those with marriage problems, personal issues, comfort the grieving and visit his church members. If there is a hungry church member, they expect to find food in the pastor’s house. He is also expected to preach on Sunday morning, pray with the people, visit those in hospitals and even visit schools. The pastor’s family is also waiting for him and his personal growth. When a parent has issues with their children, they run to the pastor. When there is a fundraiser in the community, the pastor is the guest of honor, expected to give the most.

All these responsibilities put together keep the pastor at the core of society. But there is something wrong here, no one feeds the pastor. No one fills the heart of the pastor so there will be more to draw on. Most of these pastors have no training whatsoever. They just followed God’s call into ministry. Many do not have papers that could allow their admission into a college for training. They do not have sabbatical leaves or any leave whatsoever. They do not have another job or receive a salary to feed their families and those church members that look up to them.

Classroom Tent (Medium)If the communities are to be transformed through the love of Christ, then the pastor is the place to begin. Transform the pastor’s life, and the community is transformed most naturally, for the pastor is the center of the community.

This is where CARE TO LEARN INTERNATIONAL, and especially Divine Providence Training Center comes in. Our mission is “Training pastors in the Word of God and in the work of ministry focusing on those students with limited financial means and/or limited education.” Our training focuses not only on theology, but also on how to deal with day-to-day challenges and self-sustainability.

6Prayer-copyOur vision is “Transforming Kenyan Pastors for effective Kingdom Ministry.” That is why we serve, because we believe that for a community to be transformed, projects and funding and education do not address the heart of the matter for they do not address the heart. The heart is the heart of the matter and as soon as it is addressed, then the other parts will fall into place. No one does this in and for the community save the pastor.